You’ve Landed a Swedish Girl: Now Master the Date

Swedish girl with a sweet smileSwedish women are some of the most laid-back, outgoing, fun, and open-minded women throughout all of Europe. Situated between Denmark, Finland and Norway, Sweden is a bit of a “melting pot” of variations of European culture.

Swedish women happen to have a trending sexy, blonde hair blue eyes look to them – and it helps that they’re so outgoing and personable!

While mail-order brides from Sweden is a lot less common trend in today’s world, being an American or foreigner and meeting a nice, interested, and potentially long-term Swedish girlfriend online through social networking sites or online chatrooms and forums is not unheard of!

Check out some of these “fun-facts” and tips for understanding and making the most out of your time with your first Swedish love!

1) Although open, Swedish women are slow with expressions – When you get ready to go on your first date understand that they are not the most forward with emotions, and that it may take several dates or even several months before ever telling you she loves you.

This does not mean that she doesn’t, but that rather they’re less impulsive when it comes to using the “love word” – especially in comparison to American women and other western countries.

On the bright side, Swedish women happen to typically be very fluent in speaking and understanding English, so there’s a strong benefit there with both having a foreign, exotic lover and possible wife while still keeping the benefits of smooth, practical communication between each other.

Also, on the bright side, when it comes to formalities a Swedish woman knows how to leave them at the door and how to have a good time, making it all the more pleasant and exciting for both of you.

2) The ratio is not in your favor, but being American is – It’s a well-known fact that most Swedish women absolutely drool over and adore American and western men. More so American men however, as they’ve often traveled to and lived there before temporarily.

Swedish women also happen to have a great liking to America’s many fashion, entertainment, and other trends.

There is a lot of other various cultural influences in Sweden that you’ll notice directly relate or are similar to our ways of life.

Between this, and an American accent you’re bound to be having these play in your favor, and overall increase both your sex appeal and status.

Even though there’s a poor ratio of women to men in Sweden, you do have a head start – especially if you’ve communicated with her over the internet, on the phone, or previously before.

The biggest accompanying piece of advice for this fact though is to maintain your integrity and demand respect by not getting in over your head.

Nobody likes an egotistical man, someone full of himself, or an entitled attitude. So avoid these traits at all cost, be yourself, and be respectable.

3) Swedish women appreciate space – Even though you might be having a great time with your new, Swedish girlfriend, remember that women in Sweden strongly value space. It doesn’t mean you can’t be affectionate or physical, but avoid being aggressive or overwhelming.

Pay especially close attention to the signs she’s giving you, and when she’s comfortable enough and ready to be physical with you she’ll let you know.

Swedish women are tons of fun, love to have a good time, and definitely know how to treat their boyfriends well. Just make sure you respect her wants, her space, and in return you’ll up your chances to create a meaningful, long-term relationship.simple but seductive look of a Swedish girl4) Networking is everything – Even if you’ve spent time with or met your Swedish girlfriend somewhere alone, social networks and circles mean everything to a Swedish girl.

Therefore, once you’ve met and establish a relationship with your Swedish girlfriend, try to make it a point to ask (even nonchalantly) about meeting her friends, or, let her bring it up to you.

Either way, if and when she does it will definitely be a good sign, and will open you up to a deeper relationship with her.

Just keep in mind that a first impression can be everything, so dress nicely, show respect to your Swedish girlfriend, and show respect to yourself.

In return, it’s expected that you’ll be successful ant getting respect and approval from her friends – which in many cases is exactly what she’s seeking. Well that, in addition to showing off her foreign boyfriend – this time you’re the one who’s “exotic”.

Aside from this, if you’ve traveled to Sweden alone to find your true love and one day wife, don’t hesitate to engage women that are with a group.

Just keep in mind, it will likely be more effective to strike up a chat with one that’s alone, only with one other girl, or gives the impression that she’s new or not from around where you’re at.

5) Know what to expect on a date – If not anything, there’s two things worth keeping in mind for your first and recurring dates with your Swedish date or girlfriend.

Firstly, understand that she may not understand or appreciate your worldly or American slang and expressions. It doesn’t mean you can’t tell a joke or have a little fun, but if she doesn’t understand or seem to take offense, chalk it up to “an American thing” – or explain it if you want.

Remember, Swedish women are big on design and appearance. While that doesn’t mean that you have to wear the right “gear” or present yourself a certain way, just keep it tidy, be presentable, and watch and learn.

Swedish people are very laid back, and if anything just want to show off or receive acknowledgement for their good taste of style.

Compliments go a long way, and observation is key. Just like any other woman, try to learn the ins and outs of your Swedish date, what her likes and dislikes are, and don’t be offended if she pounds drinks down better than you and doesn’t get drunk as quickly.

Swedish love to have a few drinks, aren’t afraid to go a little overboard, but still typically keep their bearing – so don’t feel obligated to get into a drinking contest with your date or girlfriend.

Instead, just have a good time, be yourself, and be there for her, and protect her. This will go a lot further with her, and lay down a nice framework for you to start a possible future together.

Also, don’t be afraid to let her “go Dutch” or pay for her tab once and a while. Swedish women due to their feministic upbringing don’t like to feel demeaned or incompetent to pay their own bill.

This will contribute all the more towards her appreciation and respect for you. It doesn’t mean you can’t treat her, but rather that you acknowledge her as an equal.