5 Reasons to Date a Swedish Woman

Swedish women are very bright, open-minded and liberal, and great company. They enjoy bonding with friends, going out to new places, and meeting new people.

Because Sweden is such a politically liberal place, women here are very confident, go-getters, and strongly value education, hard work, and equality.

1. They Make Great Conversation

If you enjoy exploring new cultures, language, and having an intellectual conversation from anything such as the environment, political, or the social system a Swedish woman is perfect for you.

Most women in Sweden have some level of higher education if not a degree, have their careers already planned out, and love to learn new things. With such an insatiable desire for learning new things Swedish women are perfect if you like to travel a lot or seek a woman that easily adapts, is open-minded, and proud of where she comes from.

Swedish women are also very insightful, enjoy literature, and know their way around an art gallery. If you’re looking to really impress your date it doesn’t require throwing around a lot of money, but, rather just showing her that you too can be sophisticated and have class.

blue-eyed Swedish girl

2. Responsible and Loving

In comparison to a lot of western nations and cultures Swedish women arguably take a little longer to warm up to their dates, become affectionate, or physical in general. But don’t take this as a bad thing.

In fact, one of the biggest reasons your Swedish date or lover might seem to take things slow is because she’s carefully courting to determine whether you’re husband material – so it’s good thing!

Women in Sweden can also be reserved at times, quiet, and even shy. Don’t be intimidated by these traits, but instead, embrace the culture and kind of woman you’re spending your time with. Personal displays of affection are not so common in Sweden, and people here typically save that for only the closest of lovers or couples.

That means try to keep your hands to yourself the first date, and keep hugs or kisses to a minimum. While it’s nice to be affectionate or physical, this could easily scare off your Swedish woman or give her the wrong impression.

Swedish women are sophisticated, witty, and know what they want. Even if you’ve been dating for a while it’s not unusual to keep the relationship out of the bedroom. Bonding and getting to know each other are very important to Swedish women, so don’t take it as a bad sign and just press on.

If and when you’ve really created a bond with your Swedish date or girlfriend rest assured that she’ll always be honest and loyal to you, and will expect the same in return. Swedish women are typically very forward, so if you like this in a woman then consider a vacation in Sweden!

3. They Value Environment and Country

If you’ve ever heard or met someone that said the Swedish are patriotic and also value the environment and keeping their country clean then it’s true. So if you’re a “litterbug” it’s best to leave those habits home. Swedish women can be quite patriotic because they’re proud of where they come from and the freedoms and equality that they’re entitled to.

They are also very eco-friendly people, care for the environment, animals, and generally, are fairly humanistic in nature. So if you’re a compassionate, giving person you’ll do well here and a Swedish woman will probably suit you quite well!

pretty Swedish girl in green

4. Humble and Humorous

A perfect combination, Swedish women are both very humble and humorous. While they can be shy you by no means have to worry about a common materialistic attitude or a lack of humor. Just take your time warming up to your Swedish date or people you meet here, as they tend to be slower to trust in comparison to most Western countries and cultures like the United States and Canada.

Swedish women have a very keen sense of humor and enjoy a good laugh. Because they tend to be so open-minded, educated, and intelligent humor is a big thing here, and in comparison to American women you can expect your Swedish woman to be more relaxed, open minded, and not as easily offended as what you might be used to.

If you don’t remember anything from this article remember one thing, do not make sexist jokes! This is a very balanced country and women are given the same rights as men and will not find these types of jokes funny nor entertaining. The women here have fought hard for such rights and equality, so don’t undervalue its significance.

While the swedes in general typically live in a classy environment, make good money, and know how to enjoy life they by no means are materialistic or as money driven in life as many American women tend to be. Swedish women appreciate the small things in life, enjoy making people happy, and being able to smile. Swedish women also happen to be quite giving, so if you’re big on philanthropy it’s likely you’ll do well with a Swedish woman and have a strong appeal. Volunteering counts too!

5. Confident and Comfortable with Sexuality

A really big, enjoyable personality trait about Swedish women is their open mind to sex, and relationships. It’s worth noting, however, that, of course, women here that are okay with casual sex or “flings” are not likely going to be an ideal future wife or anything more than just that, a “casual” encounter. But, generally speaking, plenty of Swedish women like to go out to the clubs, bars, dance, and enjoy themselves.

Swedish women are fun, intelligent, and great company no matter what the occasion. They also tend to go out a lot with their close friends and are always open-minded and welcoming to tourists or foreigners. In comparison to a lot of European countries this is really desirable, and makes all the difference in feeling welcome, safe, and in a good place to possibly meet the Swedish woman of your dreams!